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In addition to the main hanger, the Argonaut also has a standard shuttle bay on the bow of the ship, which stocks a standard complement of four personnel shuttles. Contrary to some published reports, Barchet was not relieved for “lack of aggression” at the end of Argonaut‘s first war patrol. Constructed at Portsmouth Navy Yard during the second half of 1944, Argonaut was commissioned … What's in the box: USS Argonaut. Argonaut-class ships are generally considered a desirable posting by members of Starfleet who favor more adventurous duties than simply scanning planets, and conversely, their scientific members tend to be displeased with her generalist facilities. Barchet then took the boat back to Mare Island for a much-needed refit and modernization. The space formerly allocated for mines was now filled with bunks, heads, mess facilities, and washroom. Though they had been meant for tactical function, the first ships in this class were immediately tasked with assisting in the Romulan evacuation effort, thanks to their complement of runabouts, though following the destruction of Utopia Planitia in 2385 and the destruction of Romulus in 2387, their priorities were shifted to border security along Romulan space. It had already been recognized that giant submarines like Argonaut, and the similar “cruiser” submarines Nautilus and Narwhal, were impractical for normal operations. USS Argonaut (NCC-60894) The USS Argonaut (NCC-60894) was a Luna -class vessel serving in Starfleet during the 24th century. USS Argonaut… In company with U.S.S. Class Overview. As such, the brief called for increasing the projectile armament to include an additional two burst-fire torpedo launchers, phaser and shielding systems derived from the new Sovereign-class explorer, and the capability to launch and recover small craft during combat. Tags Starship argonaut cool design michael wiley original sleek star trek starship wileycoyote. For defensive missions and during wartime, the Argonaut embarks a squadron of a dozen Valkyrie-class fighters to support its primary mission of screening larger vessels. Between its fighters and its own weapons coverage, it is adept at screening larger ships and engaging in point defense duties. At that point, having commanded Argonaut since 1939, he turned over the boat to Lieutenant Commander John Pierce and O’Kane left to join the pre-commissioning crew of U.S.S. Also, in Argonaut‘s case, the development of mines that could be laid from ordinary torpedo tubes essentially ended the need for specialist mine-layer submarines. Discovering several issues that had been ignored during the testing of the ship… Our USS Argonaut kit includes everything you would expect a submarine model to include. While operating in the area southeast of New Britain between 5°-15'S and 6°-00'S and west of 150°-50'E during her third patrol, Argonaut (Lieutenant Commander J.R. Pierce) intercepted a Japanese convoy … The Argus's shakedown cruise overseen by Captain Robert Styles, who then assumed in command following the commissioning. Like with the Rhode Island to the Nova, the Argonaut compared to the Intrepid has more mission-configurable labs and is suited for general exploratory missions, but struggles with in-depth scientific surveys, while she retains the long-range sensor arrays contained in the Intrepid, and so is ideal both for front-line exploration and reconnaissance missions for the fleet. The ship has two large holodecks for parties of 8 or more, as well as a further half-dozen holosuites intended for smaller groups. ... 4 star (0%) 0% 3 star (0%) 0% 2 star (0%) 0% 1 star … USS Argonaut orthos The tactical capabilities of this craft make it capable of exploring in areas that are not secure enough to send other light vessels, as it can comfortably fight its way out of most trouble spots. Transporting raiding parties and other special missions appeared to be the most practical use for these oversized boats. She was a part of Task Group 6-3. Designed as a minelayer, Argonautwas 385 feet long and displaced 2,710 tons (4,080 submerged), with 4-21″ torpedo tubes, and two minelaying tubes aft. Currently, they serve with distinction in both exploratory and tactical roles, using their considerable armaments and variable small craft complement for both purposes. Argonaut was assigned to Pearl Harbor at the time of the Japanese attack, but was at sea near Midway on 7 December 1941. If an article link referred you here, you might want to go back and … Both submarines attacked shipping during the raid, then picked up the raiders after two days. However, he discovered that the entity which he had sought for much of his … 455 Views 0 Comment. The Argonaut was not a bleeding-edge design when it was first launched, but rather it was a collection of refined systems that had been developed and perfected for other classes. Barchet went on to serve in a number of important posts both during and after the war. The ship has two burst-fire torpedo launchers mounted in the saucer section, as well as two forward and four aft single-fire launchers at either end of the keel. USS Argonaut (Galaxy-class) This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists pages that might otherwise share the same title. About 120 Marines could be accommodated. The USS Argonaut was a Federation Galaxy -class command cruiser starship in Starfleet service in the 24th century. 3 Like. NX-01 Refit (Season 5) 6.8k Views 5 Comment. The USS Enterprise as seen in Star Trek 1-6 is possibly the most iconic spaceship (other than the TOS Enterprise) and favorite starship among fans. Originally named V-4, Argonaut was commissioned in 1928. Argonaut With the success of the Arrow Class Runabout as used on Star Base 118, Star Fleet began looking at ways to further implement this craft and slowly phase out the aging Danube … She was sunk by gunfire from Japanese destroyers after attacking a Japanese convoy southwest of New Britain, at 5°-40′ S., 152°-02′ E. Her sinking was witnessed by an Army Air Force bomber, unfortunately with an empty bomb bay and unable to intervene. These vessels appear or are mentioned in Star Trek (TOS), Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9), Star Trek: Voyager (VOY), Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT), and/or the Star Trek … Coupled with comprehensive coverage provided by Type-XII phaser arrays and her impressive sublight maneuverability, the Argonaut is an adept tactical platform on its own. In 2379, the Aries was assigned to Star Fleet Battle Group Omega, which was to rendezvous with the USS Enterprise -E when it was attempting to escape from Romulan territory and the Reman warbird … Star Trek 2009 Star Trek Legacy Stark Trek Uss Enterprise Ncc 1701 United Federation Of Planets Star Trek Starships Star Wars Star Trek Ships For Stars Project Constitution by jbobroony on DeviantArt … Argonaut-class ships are comparable to other light cruisers designed in the 2360s and 2370s for their standards of accommodation. Eventually, Sybok and his followers stole the starship USS Enterprise -A and used it to travel to where he believed this planet to be. Compared to an Intrepid-class starship, an Argonaut-class starship is both slower and has fewer science labs, but it balances this out by being able to embark a number of Volga-class runabouts, which extend its exploration range tremendously over its older sister, which generally only embarks shuttlecraft and perhaps a single runabout. Argonaut was laid down as V-4 on 1 May 1925 at Portsmouth Navy Yard. She also carried a pair of 6″/53-calibre deck guns, one forward and one aft. Sona Command Ship. Enterprise-E. 9.3k Views 10 Comment. The vessel has holographic projectors in every compartment to allow for the ship’s EMH to treat crew anywhere. The Japanese destroyers opened fire with their guns, sinking Argonaut with the loss of all hands. At the beginning of the Dominion War, Intrepid-class ships were still a rare sight in the fleet, prized for their sensor suites, but generally considered too valuable to risk on the front lines. In August 1942 Argonaut, under the command of Lieutenant Commander John Pierce, transported 121 members of the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion to Makin Island, in the Gilberts chain. trekmodeler Aug … Laid down on May 1st, 1925 as the first member of her class of large Minelaying Submarines, the USS Argonaut was commissioned as the USS V-4 in April 1928 and was assigned to the US Atlantic Fleet. 92 Like. The Argonaut-class is suitable for first contact missions, as it is sufficiently well-armed to travel alone when the tactical situation is unsure, but also not so heavily armed that it would represent an obvious threat to other races. She carried out mine laying operations, patrol duty, and training. Star Trek: USS Shelby. On their first mission out they get hopelessly lost, worse than Voyager. 44 Like. Nov 20, 2014 - After many questions, here are some orthographic views of my USS Argonaut mesh. Commissioned on stardate 50450.5 (2373), the USS Argus was the fourth ship of the Sovereign-class to be launched. USS Argonaut (V-4/SF-7/SM-1/A-1/APS-1/SS-166) was a submarine of the United States Navy, the first boat to carry the name. Argonaut was assigned to Pearl Harbor at the time of the Japanese attack, but was at sea near Midway on 7 December 1941. thaumh Aug 26, 2014 The names of the captain and first mate of the mark-1, *THE* Argonaut, are Jason and Ulysses. The Argonaut-class starship is a combination light cruiser/light carrier developed as a more combat-oriented version of the Intrepid-class. Sona Battleship. They completed the bombardment then retired before Argonaut could make a second approach. In 1945, the Argonaut docked at Pearl Harbor for repairs, and later sank a 25-ton Japanese junk — her only combat action during WWII, since August 1945 brought the end of the war. Medical facilities on the Argonaut consist of two standard sickbay modules, one located near the center of the ship and the other close to the large hanger on the spine of the ship, which allows the ship greater flexibility to respond to humanitarian missions and improves crew survivability in combat situations. USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. 2k Views 3 Comment. Star Trek Renegades Klingon Battle Cruiser. In addition, it is fitted with a large hanger that runs along the spine of the ship with doors on the forward and aft ends of this section to allow for the deployment of fighters and runabouts, which further supplement the ship’s tactical abilities, and makes it especially useful as a picket in large fleet engagements. 3 Comments. USS Argonaut was in a class by herself when she rolled down the ways on 10 November 1927. All crewmembers above the rank of Ensign have their own staterooms and all crewmembers below that rank share quarters with one other person. USS Argonaut orthos by trekmodeler on DeviantArt DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. The Argonaut-class starship is more heavily armed than most ships of her size, but not quite to the level that she would be classified as a heavy escort, like the more robust Manticore and Prometheus-class starships. 32 Favourites. 20 Like. ... From Star Wars and Star Trek to Batman and Terminator you are sure to find your favorite character or vehicle from some of the top movies, tv shows, comics … 1K Views. 4.6k Views 10 Comment. The USS Argonaut is an original design created by Michael Wiley. Scroll down to see the listing of Marine Raiders lost on the Makin Island … The novels are set after the events depicted in the 2002 film Star Trek… It was constructed at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in orbit of Mars. At the time, she was the largest submarine in the U.S. Navy, a distinction she retained until the advent of nuclear submarines in the 1950s. The second Argonaut (SS-475) was laid down on 28 June 1944 by the Portsmouth (N.H.) Navy Yard, launched on 1 October 1944; sponsored by Mrs. Allen R. McCann, the wife of Capt. The Argonaut … 4.5k Views 5 Comment. During exploratory missions, the Argonaut typically operates with a half-dozen Volga-class runabouts to conduct reconnaissance and survey missions. It has similar capabilities to the Intrepid, with several conference lounges and VIP quarters that can be configured for a number of different atmospheres. Learn more. Trout , Argonaut approached a suspected enemy force. The Argonaut-class starship is a combination light cruiser/light carrier developed as a more combat-oriented version of the Intrepid-class.Though initially intended to serve during the … Argonaut was lost with all hands on 10 January 1943, during her third war patrol. Submarine Losses World War II, NAVPERS 15,784, 1949 ISSUE While operating in the area southeast of New Britain between 05° 15'S and 06° 00'S, and west of 153° 50'E during her third patrol, ARGONAUT … The ships may have detected Argonaut, and one passed close by the submarine. Pierce’s torpedo damaged one of the escorts. Still designated as a mine-layer upon her return to Pearl Harbor, the decision was made to convert Argonaut into a transport submarine. The Argonaut is considered a light carrier and possesses a unique flight deck that runs along the spine of the ship which allows it to conduct landing and launch operations simultaneously. The ship’s computers use the same bioneural circuitry used aboard Intrepid-class starships, though more of this processing power has been allocated to tactical analysis and targeting systems rather than to exploratory systems. As originally configured, 60 mines were carried., During combat situations, you could think of the. Given this, crew changes aboard Argonaut-class ships are common when the ship shifts between mission profiles, leading to a split between the ship’s core crew and the mission specialists, which adroit captains and first officers must work to reconcile through morale-boosting events. Designed by Admiral Vanessa Ann Lucifel for supporting systems that are too distant for frigate or destroyer … This arrangement both improves maneuverability and reduces construction time by having fewer independent structural members compared to vessels with completely distinct engineering and command sections. 589 Views 2 Comment. Star Trek: Titan is a series of science fiction novels which detail the adventures of Captain William T. Riker, and the crew of the USS Titan.The series was published by Simon & Schuster imprints Pocket Books, Pocket Star, and Gallery Books from 2005 to 2017. On June 30, 1932 arrived at Pearl Harbor and assigned to SubDiv 7. She was redesignated APS-1 after this conversion. Collected Model #ship #spaceship #Star_Trek #starship Explore the world’s largest, free 3D model library, but first, we need some credentials to optimize your content experience. USS Enterprise D, Star Trek … Though initially intended to serve during the Dominion War, these vessels didn’t enter service until the early 2380s due to design challenges. They are also useful for humanitarian purposes and can hold their own in tactical situations. This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 10:22. The vessel also has a mess hall, crew lounge, and officers’ lounge, though given the ship’s more militarized design compared to the Intrepid, these spaces do not have the same sweeping exterior views as her sister class does. USS Cronus (NCC-75896) Enjoy! The ship’s hull is a compromise between Akira-class and Intrepid-class design philosophies, with the primary and secondary hulls blending seamlessly together into a long, sleek vessel, with two warp nacelles tucked close to the ship. The centerpiece of this ship, like the Intrepid, is the Class-9 warp drive, though her overall top speed is more limited as the ship’s mass is greater and her systems have been tuned more for ease of maintenance than raw spring speed. Template:Startrek2 This is a list of the fictional Star Trek universe's Earth and Federation Starfleet ships organized by ship class. McCann; and … The USS Argonaut received a battle star for her WWII service. While this was looked on as a missed opportunity, it was conceded that, in view of Argonaut‘s size, slow speed, lack of maneuverability, and relatively shallow test depth, Barchet acted correctly. Downloadable. Mindful of his boat’s unsuitability as an attack submarine, Argonaut‘s captain, Lieutenant Commander Stephen Barchet, prudently elected to make a submerged sonar approach. NX-01 Refit (Season 5) ... 174 Views 2 Comment. Overhauls, Sixth Fleet After an overhaul back in Maine, the Argonaut … For special missions, it can also carry Apsara-class bombers in lieu of fighters to add to the ship’s direct offensive capabilities. 11 Like. USS Excelsior. Her mine handling gear was removed and her mine tubes were cut out and blanked off at the after bulkhead, with the remaining sections outside the pressure hull pierced to allow them to be free-flooding. Nautilus, unlike Argonaut fitted with only temporary troop accomodations, carried another 90 Marines. Wahoo. warpspeed enterprise fanartdigital federation frigate sciencefiction spaceship starfleet starship starships startrek … U.S.S. On February 19, 1931 renamed USS Argonaut. In company with U.S.S. The others, Isokaze and Maikaze, attacked at once with a heavy depth charging. The design suffered from a number of setbacks, especially when it came to power management, but the class prototype was launched in 2382. Mindful of his boat’s unsuitability as an attack submarine, Argonaut … 8 Aug 1942 With her conversion completed USS Argonaut left Pearl Harbor on 8 August 1942 together with USS … Star Trek 3D Models ... USS Argonaut. Given that Starfleet already had a number of light cruiser designs in service, this project was never given the resources it would have needed to get off of the ground before the end of the war, but continued steadily into the 2380s, given that the Alpha and Beta Quadrants were still an unstable place following the war. … His executive officer, William Post, was sent to a staff job at Pearl Harbor and Argonaut‘s dive officer, Richard O’Kane was temporarily moved up to XO. 4.8k Views 2 Comment. On 10 January 1943, Argonaut attacked a five-ship convoy, escorted by three destroyers. By The-Argonaut Watch. The Argonaut is a sister ship to the USS Proteus, a slipstream attack ship. However shortly after the launch the ship suffered a complete systems failure and had to return to Utopia Planitia. Details. © 2020 – All rights reserved. Their heavy gun armament, intended for commerce raiding, lacked the centralized fire control system it would have needed to be of any practical value against a warship. Given the ship’s two distinct mission profiles, tactical and exploratory, crews vary wildly in composition based on the ship’s assignment, carrying more scientists and fewer pilots when sent on exploratory missions and the reverse when it is tasked with defensive ones. An Army Air Force bomber, returning from a raid with all bombs expended, reported seeing Argonaut‘s bow break surface after a depth charge attack. Designed as an fast attack craft, The Vigilant is designed as a high powered firing platform. 13 Like. Add Your Name to the SS-475 Crew Roster . On Eternal Patrol - USS Argonaut (APS-1), (SS-166) The following men were lost while serving on USS Argonaut (APS-1), or (SS-166). (TNG video game: Birth of the Federation) No specific history or definitive final fate was … The kit includes a solid resin hull, resin parts sprues, photo-etch set produced specific for the Argonaut., Decals, and full color printed instructions. 75 Like. and July 1 designated SM-1 (submarine, minelayer). She carried a crew of 105 at the time of her loss. U.S. Currently, the Argonaut is a relatively rare sight within the fleet, as Starfleet has preferred to order Intrepid and Elysion-class ships over the Argonaut, but there are several dozen in service and production is expected to continue alongside her cousins for the next decade at least. USS Argonaut SS166 Blue Ridge Model Kit. The “invasion force,” which proved to be a pair of Japanese destroyers sent off on a hit and run mission to shell Midway, did not detect Argonaut—though it appeared at the time that they had—nor was the submarine able to set up an attack. Trout, Argonaut approached a suspected enemy force. 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